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The Mt. Summit Challenge is one of the premier races in Fayette County averaging over 600 runners and walkers the last 5 years. This race is one of the toughest races in Southwestern Pennsylvania! It is a 3.5 mile race that starts on the National Road (Route 40) in Hopwood that climbs over 1200 feet to the historic Summit Inn Resort. This race will test your mental and physical strength.

The race started as a challenge between two friends, who were both talented runners. Rumor has it, that they were challenged by a group of guys to run the summit, from Uniontown. And they took them up on the challenge. Turns out it was in the middle of night and in February!

Today, the race is held on Sunday morning, mid to late April, based on scheduling. There are one to two water stops depending on temperature. There is no support back to Hopwood, a lot of participants run back down, others plan on family and friends to drive them back down. Starting in 2007, the Mt. Summit Committee has hosted a Pizza party after the race. The party offers pizza, soft drinks, DJ, random prizes, and awards! Starting in 2014 the party has been held at the Summit Inn Hotel, but please check the current application for details. The proceeds for this race benefit the Fayette County Cross-Country and Track & Field Scholarship.

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